Chianti Classico Collection, Stazione Leopolda 2012

After 3 hours of tasting the latest vintage of Chianti Classico (and some Riserva) at  the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, it is really hard to decide which wine is better then another. What I can say is that the quality of Chianti Classico is finally very high for most wine producers. Highlights? Well…Le Porte di Vertine is simply superb. Terrabianca from Radda in Chianti is probably my favorite, and the Castello di Monsanto from Barberino Val d’Elsa is incredible… (this is one of the few times that I completely agree with Wine Spectator’s ratings…in particular for the Riserva 2008 from Castello di Monsanto).

Another very good wine is from Tenuta di Arceno, where Lawrence Cronin, the enologist, makes a very intense Chianti Classico.

Francesco Gronchi


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